Lake Atitlan Spanish School, my expectation vs reality

My experience visiting Lake Atitlan Spanish Schools:

Guatemala is a great destination to travel but above all to learn Spanish, because of the methodology (one and one), incredible and professional teachers, and of course the whole environment and culture that you experience here.

But, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you keep the following in mind. Choosing a good school was NOT so easy for me, because it is not only about the time you spend here but the quality of the time and in this article I will tell you how you can REALLY ENJOY the time and money you spend in this incredible place and of course What does San Pedro Spanish School in Lake Atitlan mean to me?

And for this I am going to tell you my personal experience from 5 different perspectives:

Safety in San Pedro Lake Atitlán

Guatemala abroad has a very bad reputation, surely you heard at some point on television (for example) that Guatemala is a dangerous country, and well, I think that there are always dangerous areas throughout the world. It is true.

And I tell you with all certainty and security, the Lake Atitlán area or the Spanish schools in Lake Atitlan is totally safe, no one will rob you or you will feel in danger at any time.

But if you have to take into account another type of security in Lake Atitlán!

And is that in Guatemala or San Pedro Lake Atitlán (especially in the tourist area) there are many businesses that do not have registration with the government and on many occasions, it is there where there may be a problem and since you have nowhere to complain, you may have bad experiences.


Something that I can highlight in my time in one of the Spanish schools in Lake Atitlan (San Pedro Spanish School) is that it is totally professional, from my first contact to the last moment that I have been able to share with them.

My school, San Pedro Spanish School in Lake Atitlan, has taken the time to really make you stay here just to enjoy and that is something that I value very much and that I have found very little in the different countries and cities that I have visited.

Expensive vs cheap

I must say that in general, the area of ​​Lake Atitlan or San Pedro La Laguna and the lake Atitlan Spanish schools are really cheap compared to the quality (a quality like this in my country would cost a fortune), well at least I can assure you that San Pedro Spanish School, where I have spent my time, is worth every penny.

And I share this with you because I found many travelers with bad experiences trying to look for cheap options.

Time without stress or worries

I don’t know what your reason for traveling is if it’s just something to do for fun, or you have a gap year, or maybe you travel to become fluent in Spanish. But I can really tell you that one of the things that I enjoyed the most about visiting my Spanish school in Lake Atitlan, is that I never worried about anything at all.

My family was perfect, I am vegan and my mother had incredible food every day, super delicious, talking to them was incredible. My teacher Rafael is a great human being, learning the language with him was so easy and enjoyable. The activities with other students and the attention of the director were excellent. really excellent.

What the internet doesn’t tell you about Lake Atitlán Spanish Schools

There are many things to do and San Pedro La Laguna, or well in Lake Atitlan there are so many things to do that many times you cannot know them, not all people put all this on the internet and there are people who come here and never find out.

The best thing about all this is that my San Pedro Spanish School in Lake Atitlan creates incredible activities, exclusive to the student community. And as I said before, without your help I would not have been able to enjoy so many incredible things.

My final recommendation

for your visit to lake Atitlan Spanish schools

Visiting one of the Lake Atitlan Spanish Schools is a great way to literally turn your trip and your time into gold. Every second with this school is totally incredible and I can only say that you come with an open mind, with the desire and energy to experience new and different things.

In addition, San Pedro La Laguna is a magical town full of very good people. You will certainly enjoy it.

Expectations of other students

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