The Spanish Experience In An AMAZING town!

San Pedro Spanish School, Lake Atitlán

Welcome to San Pedro Spanish School in Lake Atitlán

Since 1997 we have created cultural experiences for solo travelers, families, and students through the Spanish language. Listed as the school with the best community, the best environment, and professionalism by more than 10,000 students. Live the Spanish experience in San Pedro Spanish School!

The Five Stars Experience

Enjoy The #1 Cultural Immersion experience At Lake Atitlán

San Pedro Spanish School has everything ready, just be ready to learn Spanish & enjoy this AMAZING culture.


Learn to Speak Spanish

Private lessons (one & one)

Teachers Certified by the Ministry of Education of Guatemala.

All Teachers Speak English.

Classrooms in a Pleasant Atmosphere and Outdoor.

The Class Program is Planned According to the needs of the Students and According to the European Common Framework.

Stay with a homestay Family

Live the experience and culture more closely, living with a family

Amazing food with 3 meals per day

Vegan or vegetarian diet available

Private room & all services are included

High speed wifi, Laundry & more.

Enjoy the best things to do

San Pedro La Laguna is a great town to do a lot of things like





Our program & package

Choose a package, your preferences and see the personalized price or simply pay the registration and choose everything when you arrive on campus

Hours per week




Homestay Family

Private Bathroom

Shared Bathroom

Activities to do




How it looks a standard week

All ready to enjoy, waiting for you!

With specific Spanish courses

  • Intensive Spanish course
  • Dele preparation
  • Spanish for bussines
  • Health propousal
  • Volunteering oportunities

Airport pickup



Great tours in any city

Homestay family/accommodation

Private lessons

Amazing atmosphere

Certified teachers

Cultural activities


High-speed Wifi

Great food (vegan, vegetarian)

Great coffee


Coworking space

Amazing & exclusive tours



Connection with best locations in Guatemala

All in a single payment, in one place but with limited spots…

Influencers opinion

How do you travel?

Solo traveler

«I really enjoy the time I spent here. I really enjoyed my time spent here. This amazing place exceeded my expectations without a doubt»

Jonathan Banks

Travel as a couple

The staff and our teacher were very professional, patient, and friendly. Our homestay was amazing, we really felt a part

Bianca & Tayler

University programs

I was with a great family, I enjoyed the food on this study trip and volunteering. Super recommended to people who want to visit

Emma & Cassie

Traveling with my family

My family and I were surprised by how incredible this experience was. Very safe, good food and the people are very friendly

Rick R.

Choosed as the #1 Spanish School of +27k students from all over the world!

Are you ready to Enjoy the San Pedro Spanish School experience?

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One of the most instagrammable places in all of Guatemala

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