Spanish For Beginners Online Course (A1-A2)

Spanish For Beginners Online Course (A1-A2)

Discover the most complete and effective Spanish course for beginners. Learn from zero to intermediate level (A1-A2) with interactive modules, daily support and practical projects. Master Spanish and open up new opportunities!

Master Spanish with our Spanish course for beginners, designed to take you from zero to an intermediate level (A1-A2) quickly and effectively. (All Spanish Courses here)

Through 20 interactive modules, you will learn to speak and understand the language in real life situations. Each module includes videos, written and verbal exercises, podcasts and practical activities.

Enjoy daily support from our expert teachers and be part of a global community of students. In addition, the final projects of each module will allow you to apply what you have learned in real contexts.

7,000+ students
300+ 5 stars reviews
Life-time access
Proven method (ACCE)

7,000+ Students

300+ 5 stars reviews

Life-time access

Proven method (ACCE)

What will you achieve with the Spanish course for beginners?

The 3 goals that you will achieve at the end of the course:

Complete Language Skills: You will learn to speak, read and write in Spanish, from basic phrases to complex conversations, reaching the intermediate level (A1-A2).
Cultural Context: You will understand the cultural nuances and traditions of Spanish-speaking countries, improving your ability to communicate effectively and authentically.
Practice and Real Application: You will apply what you learn in everyday situations, gaining confidence to use Spanish in travel, social interactions and professional contexts.

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The Gold Standard in Spanish Language Education

San Pedro Spanish School, since 1997 with more than 27,000 satisfied students from around the world, is a leader in teaching Spanish.

Our methodology, expert teachers and constant support guarantee a transformative learning experience.

“This course helped me learn Spanish from scratch. Now I can have fluent conversations and understand the culture. Highly recommended!”

Emelia Smith

“Thanks to the interactive modules and daily support, I learned to communicate in Spanish quickly. The final projects are incredible!”

Jacob Stuwe

“The course is very complete. I learned to speak, read and write in Spanish with confidence. The teachers are excellent and always available.”

Cassy Williams

Spanish For Beginners Course Pricing

All the details about the course and everything you will have access to

Spanish For Beginners Course (A1-A2)

$27 one time

Life-time access (monthly updates)
20 Structured Modules
Explanatory Videos
Written and reading Exercises
Fluency and Pronunciation Exercises
Progress Assessments
Daily Teacher Support by email and WhatsApp
Global Student Community
Lifetime access: with a single payment you have access to all the material and all the updates that we will make forever.
20 Structured Modules: Each module is designed to take you progressively from an initial level to an intermediate level (A1-A2).
5 Classes per Module: Each module includes five detailed classes for a complete learning experience.
Explanatory Videos: Videos that cover key topics of Spanish-speaking language and culture.
Fluency and Pronunciation Exercises: Specific practices to improve your ability to speak with confidence and clarity.
Podcasts: Listening content to improve your comprehension and fluency.
Final Projects per Module: Practical projects that allow you to apply what you have learned in real situations.
Progress Assessments: Detailed assessments of your progress with personalized feedback from our teachers.
Daily Teacher Support: Access to a team of experts who will answer your questions and guide you throughout the course by email or WhatsApp.
Global Student Community: Interaction with other students from around the world to share experiences and practice the language together.

Spanish for beginners COURSE CONTENT

What People say about Spanish For Beginners Online Course

“I loved the practical exercises and the podcasts. Now I feel prepared to travel to Spanish-speaking countries and communicate without problems.”

Jordan Bunney

“The final projects allowed me to apply what I learned in real situations. I am very satisfied with my progress in Spanish.”

Anna Everette

“The course exceeded my expectations. Not only did I learn the language, I also understood the Spanish-speaking culture. An essential course for beginners!”

Josh Alleman

“Thanks to San Pedro Spanish School, I can now converse fluently in Spanish. The cultural immersion and constant support made all the difference.”

Sophia Veermann

“The course exceeded my expectations. I not only learned the language, but also the culture. The teachers are dedicated and always available to help.”

Emma Johnston

“Learning Spanish at San Pedro Spanish School was an incredible experience. The hands-on projects and supportive community helped me progress quickly.”

Carlos Hunter

We are committed to ensuring that you Speak Spanish!

Try it for 7 days. If our course is not to your liking or is simply not what you are looking for, we give you back all your payment!

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our Spanish For Beginners online course

Don’t miss the opportunity to master Spanish!

Begin your journey towards fluency. Take advantage of our interactive modules, daily support and global community. Transform your life and open new doors with Spanish!

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