The BEST Spanish School in San Pedro Lake Atitlan: HERE IS WHY!

What is the best Spanish school in San Pedro, Lake Atitlan? This question is even subjective to answer, however in this article I tell you why San Pedro Spanish School has been listed as the best Spanish school in San Pedro.

Why do I say this with such conviction? Because this school has been positively ranked by more than 17,000 students around the world, including children as young as 5 years old!

School provides an incomparable cultural immersion that will make you master Spanish while enjoying the beauty of Lake Atitlan, I show you the details:

Why it’s the best school in San Pedro?

Top-level Spanish classes:

At San Pedro Spanish School, you will not only learn Spanish, but you will do so in an environment designed so that you enjoy every step of the learning process.

The classes are interactive and adapted to your individual needs, which will allow you to speak Spanish with confidence and improve your level significantly.

Out of 5

Exciting cultural and adventure activities:

In addition to classes, you will get a wide range of cultural and adventure activities that will allow you to fully immerse yourself in Guatemalan culture and explore the region’s stunning landscapes.

These unique experiences would not be available if you were traveling on your own.

Out of 5

Unforgettable accommodation experience:

At San Pedro Spanish School, the cultural immersion is essential to learning a new language.

For this reason, you will get accommodation with incredible local families who are trained to cater for any type of diet and will welcome you as a member of their family.

Our accommodations have also been rated a perfect 5.0, highlighting the warmth and hospitality of our host families.

Out of 5

Once enrolled, you don’t need anything else:

Joining San Pedro Spanish School is like opening the door to a complete and worry-free experience. Once enrolled in our course, you won’t need to look for anything else because we provide everything you need to make the most of your learning and stay in San Pedro La Laguna:

Top-notch materials and resources:

Our school supplies you with all the learning materials you need for your classes. Additionally, you can enjoy snacks in our cafeteria, and as an added surprise, there are some delightful treats that I’m sure you’ll love.

Access to exceptional facilities:

In addition to a quality learning environment, as a student at San Pedro Spanish School, you’ll have access to various facilities and services that will enhance your experience in San Pedro:

Coworking space: If you need a quiet place to work or study, our coworking space is at your disposal.
Gym: Maintain your exercise routine or start a new one in our gym, which is included in your learning experience.
Free museum entry: Explore the rich history and culture of the region with free access to local museums.
Personalized travel guide: We provide you with a personalized travel guide to help you explore the area and make the most of your time in San Pedro.
Traveler support and assistance: We are here to assist you every step of the way. We offer support and assistance to ensure you feel safe and supported at all times.
Dedicated study and relaxation spaces: We understand the importance of having comfortable spaces for both studying and relaxing. That’s why we provide designated areas for both activities.

How the best school in San Pedro works?

Let me explain how San Pedro Spanish School operates, making it the best choice for your Spanish learning journey in San Pedro:

Prime Location

Nestled in the heart of San Pedro, our school enjoys a privileged location with an incredible forest backdrop right in front of the lake. This picturesque setting provides an inspiring environment for your studies.

Class Size

We offer personalized one-on-one classes or group classes, giving you the flexibility to choose the learning style that suits you best. Whether you prefer individual attention or enjoy the dynamic of a group setting, we’ve got you covered.

Flexible Schedules

We understand that your schedule may vary, so you can choose to study in the morning or afternoon, accommodating your daily routine. You can start with as little as 3 hours of daily classes, making it convenient for all types of learners.

European Common Framework

We follow the European Common Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), ensuring that your language proficiency is aligned with international standards. This framework allows us to assess your skills accurately and tailor your learning path accordingly.

Comprehensive Language Development

Our approach focuses on all aspects of language acquisition, including communicative production, written expression, enhancing your listening skills, and improving your reading comprehension. This well-rounded approach ensures that you become a confident and proficient Spanish speaker.

Customized Programs and Courses

We offer specialized courses to cater to your specific reasons for learning Spanish. Whether it’s for travel, work, or personal enrichment, our programs are designed to meet your unique needs and goals.

Certifications and Accreditation:

San Pedro Spanish School is proud to be accredited and associated with relevant organizations in the field of language education. This accreditation establishes our credibility and commitment to providing high-quality Spanish instruction.

How much It cost the best school in San Pedro?

You’re about to discover an exceptional opportunity to learn Spanish in San Pedro La Laguna with San Pedro Spanish School! There are a variety of class options at very competitive prices to ensure that everyone can enjoy this enriching experience:

Private Spanish hours per weekPricingGroup classes (2-4 people)Homestay Family
15 hours per week$150$100Shared Bathroom $120
20 hours per week$200$140Private Bathroom $150
30 hours per week$300$210

Furthermore, as a token of our appreciation for choosing San Pedro Spanish School, we’ve created an exclusive discount code for our readers. When enrolling in any of our courses, simply enter the code “LEARNSPANISH” during the payment process, and you’ll receive a 10% discount on your total fee.

The best school in San Pedro Lake Atitlan: The testimonials

Here is Testimonials and Experience section, explaining why San Pedro Spanish School is regarded as the best Spanish school in San Pedro:

Anthony Masson
Anthony Masson
18 July 2023
Studying at San Pedro Spanish School was one of the best decision I have taken in my whole trip across Central America. My girlfriend and I decided to take spanish classes in the beginning of our trip to perfect our spanish skills. Ramón, the owner of the school, arranged everything in a few minutes and the next day, we were starting our first class and moving in with our host family. The format is one teacher per student and the content of the lesson is tailormade according to one’s level of spanish. Therefore, in only a week, I felt like I have learned more than ever! All the staff at the school is lovely (special thanks to Ani, our lovely teacher, and Mario who took care of the organizing and coordinating all the activities). At the same time, we were staying in the Garcia-Gonzalez family. Directly from day one, we felt like home! Maida and Mauricio took good care of us with delicious food, a very clean room and a private bathroom. One day, Maida took us out and organized a tour in San Juan to show us the nicest places. On another day, she gave us a cooking class (we cooked tamales; one of the traditional dish in Guatemala). We could not have asked for more! Everything was litteraly perfect and we highly recommend this school. I also need to mention that it is really cheap compared to the other packages offered by other schools around. The school is also highly flexible (you can decide when you want to start and end the experience). Thank you for everything!
nienke veeneman
nienke veeneman
16 July 2023
Good teachers, lots of activities, flexible school. Really enjoyed it!
Angela Koller
Angela Koller
13 July 2023
Muchas gracias por el tiempo grandioso. Fue una gran experiencia. Sí tu quieres aprender español y aprender más sobre la cultura guatemalteca, te puedo recomendar ir a San Pedro. Me encantó mucho. Estaba muy feliz con mi maestra Saydy. Ella es una maestra con mucha experiencia, flexibilidad, un sentido de humor y sabe como hacer que las lecciones sean variadas y aleccionadores. También mi experiencia con Rosario y su familia amable (mi familia anfitriona) fue hermosa - con conversaciones interesantes, aprender español con jugar con los niños y comidas muy deliciosas. Aprendí mucho y estoy muy agradecida de haber conocido a personas tan maravillosas. Gracias, San Pedro Spanish School!
Patrice Jolicoeur
Patrice Jolicoeur
11 July 2023
La escuela De San Pedro es fantástico, mis maestras Verónica y Evelyn fueron muy profesionales. Yo recomiendo la escuela para mejora vuestro espagnol. Me siento más confianza en mis habilidades para hablar todos los días. Gracias 🙏
vanessa nenquin
vanessa nenquin
11 July 2023
Cette école de langue est fantastique! Mon mari et moi étions seuls avec une professeure pendant 3 semaines de cours. Nous avons vraiment évolué en espagnol et gagné beaucoup d’assurance. Merci à Veronica et Evelyn ainsi qu’à Ramon et Eligio pour leur aide. En plus des cours, tous les jours il y a des activités planifiées par l’école de San Pedro. De plus, le lieu pour étudier est vraiment motivant et agréable. Merci à vous tous!
Guillemette LINDEMANN
Guillemette LINDEMANN
9 July 2023
Gracias a la escuela y especialmente a nuestros profesores Eliza y Clemente! No les olvidaremos 🙏
David Doellstedt
David Doellstedt
7 July 2023
It was a fun experience. I took lessons for a week and notably improved my Spanish skills.
Ashvini Nadarajah
Ashvini Nadarajah
28 June 2023
We had a fantastic week at San Pedro Spanish School with our wonderful teacher, Saydy! She adapted the lessons to suit to our level, taking note of the gaps we had in knowledge (beyond what we mentioned we were interested in learning). Beyond that we had lots of fun in the lessons and a lot of opportunities to speak about a wide range of topics. Thanks also to Mario who helped was very flexible when we wanted to change the timing of our lessons and the days we were staying in our homestay. And finally the location of the school itself is such a bonus as (weather permitting) you can have your lessons in outdoor cabins overlooking the lake!
Will York
Will York
25 June 2023
Great spanish school, lessons in the beautiful garden, right by the lake. The extra activities during the week were great, especially the salsa class. A huge thank you to both my teachers - Fabiola and Raul. They were a great team and worked together to make the most of my study time. They both made things easy to understand and I left with a huge leap forward in my spanish learning. Thank you!
Aurélie K
Aurélie K
24 June 2023
Nous avons passé deux semaines inoubliables. Arrivés avec un niveau d'espagnol proche du néant, la progression en deux semaines est, pour nous, inespérée. Clemente notre professeur a été extrêmement pédagogue et patient. Le tout dans un cadre décontracté au bord du lac Atitlan. Nous avons vraiment adoré l'alternance entre théorie, exercices et dialogues. Rien de plus passionnant que d'apprendre l'espagnol au travers d'échanges sur la vie et la culture au Guatemala. J'ai appris grâce à lui plus en 2 semaines qu'en 5 ans d'espagnol au collège/lycée. Una vez más muchas gracias Clemente fue une placer aprender con tigo 🙏 Par ailleurs l'école propose de nombreuses activités optionnelles et souvent gratuites les après midi (randos, visites, danse, clubs de conversation, etc), et ils sont extrêmement arrangeant et souples, une équipe en or. Nous sommes restés les 2 semaines dans une famille d'accueil formidable d'une grande hospitalité et générosité, la famille de Mauricio et Maida. Chambre confortable et spécialités locales et différentes tous les jours, matin midi et soir. Je le conseille mille fois à ceux qui souhaitent pratiquer encore plus la langue et découvrir le “vrai” Guatemala et San Pedro. Nous garderons un souvenir ému de notre passage dans cette si belle famille. Aurélie et Antoine (Aurelia y Antonio) de 🇨🇵

Before you join, see this!

In conclusion, there’s no better choice than San Pedro Spanish School for embarking on your Spanish language learning journey in San Pedro La Laguna. We’ve shown you why we stand out as the best option:

  • Our prime location in the heart of San Pedro, surrounded by stunning natural beauty.
  • Flexible class options, including personalized and group lessons.
  • Comprehensive language development following international standards.
  • Tailored programs to meet your unique goals.
  • Accreditation and associations that reflect our commitment to quality.

But it’s not just about learning a language; it’s about immersing yourself in a new culture, making lifelong memories, and forming connections with people who will become like family. San Pedro Spanish School offers you all of this and more.

Experience the warmth of Guatemala, the joy of language acquisition, and the beauty of Lake Atitlan. We can’t wait to welcome you to our school and help you achieve your Spanish learning goals.

Join today, and let the journey begin!

Whenever you’re ready, there are 2 ways we can help you:

🌍 Join our Cultural Immersion Center in Lake Atitlan Guatemala! Learn Spanish on-campus, live with a local family, and embark on daily cultural and adventurous activities. A week here means daily adventures! 🇬🇹❤️ (Booked out 2 months)

🖥️ We’ve got you! Join our effective online Spanish programs tailored to fit any lifestyle. Learn at your pace, anywhere. Our expert teachers ensure a rich, personalized learning experience. Join 7000+ students.

You can also visit our store and see everything we have for you!

Learn, improve and build confidence in Spanish.

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